Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine Cricut Swarm ... (continued)

Well, I had such a fabulous experience at the Cricut Swarm today! Fun, Fun, Fun - We made some delightful and inspiring projects. Thanks Brynn for putting everything together. I know it's a ton of work and doll it's top notch and super creative!!
Check out what we crafted ...

I'm not even standing how cute our name tags are!

My jar says 'SMOOCHES' in PINK Vinyl
I'm sure that's a shock! LOVE it!!!

Wild Thing - You make my heart sing. Love the monkeys!!

This next project was part of a challenge. We were given a few hearts, buttons, vellum with words and 6x6 pink paper and you had to make something, anything with them. We had 40 minutes. I LOVE how this layout turned out. Brynn had mentioned that we may have time to do free style projects so I took some pics that I needed to scrap - Et Voila!

Detail Pics ...

Me and Brynn. I'm not even standing how stinkin' cute we look in our pink. We got tickets (for the prize drawings) for each of the pink items we were wearing. Well, I have to confess, I showed the ruffle of my pink panties for a ticket. I'm not competitive AT ALL!! It was tasteful and silly - promise I'm not a perv. Anyway, I WON some fabulous prizes!! All in all an amazing time! Smooches!


  1. Oh Sweets! It WAS ABSOULETLY even better the 2nd time-especially with my BFF there! I heart you! Your LO was A-MAZING, and FINALLY a picture to keep of the 2 of us-HOORAY! P.S.-GREAT photos (love how you used the table decorations for some fun goodness there)! You're a CREATIVE GENIUS!!!!

  2. Love the page you made; so cute! Do you need a different blade to cut vinyl?

  3. Hey Girlie!!

    Neat new blog! Mine is sorely neglected :-( But I'm taking a Social Media boot camp followed by a Photo Shop Elements class, so I'm hoping that gets me ramped up. So much to do and learn. Love it :-) Love you too!!!!

  4. Am's-I gave you a BLOG AWARD! Come pick it up at !! :D ~Brynn