Friday, February 4, 2011

So much crafting and posting to do ... So little time!

Hey Smooches Stampers! Welcome to my new blog!!!

I figured since I hadn't posted to my other one in an obscene amount of time I'd just start fresh. I'm going to post a couple of projects that I've worked on in the last couple of months - with not much 'lip' about them - and then once I get back in the groove of things I'll give more details. I hope you're inspired....
Well, this little diddy was in my friend Laura's shop (Willow Creek) it's SOLD though!! YAY!!! It totally encompasses Valentine's for me. It's so stinkin' girlie. I LOVE Valentine's Day!!!
These cute tags are at Willow Creek too but, the supply is dwindling so if you want them be sure to go to her new store opening on February 12th!!! New location: NW corner Eubank and Constitution by the French Bakery.

This cute little box/bag is from a Stamp Camp several months ago but, it had to be included in recent projects because I love it so. We filled it with Tea Bags in coordinating colors. Did you notice the little metal edged tag hanging down like a tea bag tag. Sweet Gift!

Here's a fabulous waterfall card designed by my upline in Stampin' Up - Kathy - She's delightful and SUPER talented!!

You pull the end with the ribbon and it unfolds like a waterfall.

I'm not even standing it's genius!! More Waterfall Cards from my class at the End of January...
LOVE this color combo - Very Rich! I wanted it to be more of a bookmark. If you don't know already - I'm a sucker for fabulous bookmarks!
Another Waterfall from my January class. Most of the ladies hadn't made one of these so it was super fun to watch their sweet faces light up with happiness!
I'm not even standing it!
These next two are once again designed by my upline Kathy - Love her!!

We made this at my up-uplines meeting last week. Thanks Tammy for the inspiration!! Masculine and Fun!! AND Vintage :)

This was my swap for the same meeting. Because you can't see it, I must tell you that this is COVERED in sparkly from Shimmer Mist. That's my favorite addition to every card. It just makes me happy, what can I say, I'm a sparkle girl!!

Here are some cute vintage tags that I made awhile ago but, I loved them so much they had to be added too.
Well, it's not much - but, it's somethin'!! Have an amazing Friday and I'll have more up soon.


  1. GA-ORGEOUS GIRL-but I'd expect nothing less from you! You are AMAZINGLY talented-so gifted and now it's FINALLY out for the world to see here. Love this journey with you! MWAH

  2. Love the new blog. Now I need to get my blog going I haven't posted anything to it so don't look just yet. Haha. Well have fun at the cricut swarm and see you soon. (By the way this is Trish incase you don't know who craftycomadres are it's me and Liz)

  3. Love the tea bag, so cute! Can't wait to see what else you show us!

  4. Very Fun!!! Looking forward to unpacking my stuff again!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!

  5. WOW! I just found your blog--love it! It was nice seeing you at the meeting!!