Sunday, March 27, 2011

*** TRUNK SHOW ***

Hey There -

My fabulous friend Laura who owns ~Willow Creek~ has generously offered to hostess a Trunk Show this Saturday (April 2nd - My Birthday) with all of my artsy creations. I'm so stinkin' excited, I can hardly stand it!! I'll be there from Noon - 3:00. Be sure to stop by and see all of my fun stuff. Here's a sneak peek of things I'll be making...

Clipboards - This clipboard has been 'foo-foo'd'! Inspired by Teresa Collins and her blinged out clipboards. I added paper and pearls. Cute!! Laura was looking for a place to put her Monthly Events Calendar and I thought this would be perfect!!

Wall decor - I covered a wall plaque with paper and made some fabulous paper flowers and added lots of chunky glitter. Love it!!

I've made HUNDREDS of paper flowers but, sometimes you just need a little *re-vive* to things so, my flowers have been revived with a tip from my new blog friend, Tina at (check her out - her work is AMAZING!!!) She showed a project with flowers that she added a bunch of chunky glitter to and I fell in LOVE with the look of them. Thanks so much Tina!! Sometimes all you need is a little extra sparkle!!

Here's Laura and I at her 'Afternoon of Bliss' yesterday. She puts on the best events!! I made a big batch of Milk Bath an each guest scented their own bag with essential oils and herbs. It was delightful! She had a massage therapist giving chair massages, there was chocolate and champagne - What more could a girl ask for? Thanks Laura for a blissful afternoon!!


  1. FIRST of all - I love love love the new blog background!!

    Second - OMG the clipboard is amazing!! You described it to me but I needed to see it to fully appreciate. LOVE IT.

    Third - Those flowers are incredible. The colors!! The glitter!! Damn you for making me love glitter so much!

    Can we make these at a class before I leave town??

  2. {{Giggles}}
    First of all - Thanks babe - I needed a fresh look. Second - Thanks again babe. Third - I was bound and stinkin' determined to make you LOVE glitter!! {Insert Evil Laugh here} Fourth - Absolutely! I'll set that up sugar. Smooches!

  3. LOVE IT ALL!!!! I was so disappointed I couldn't make it to Willow Creek on Saturday. I had planned on swinging by, but my nephew's birthday party ran longer than I had planned.

  4. Oh honey - You were missed! It's time for one of our 'cocktails in the craft room' nights! Txt me with your schedule. Miss You!! Smooches!